Standing dumbell push press?

Can somebody please describe the excercise to me? I thought I would just be standing and pressing the dumbell in the same way I would siting.

However, I read on a website that a standing barbell push press requires you to squat down then stand up while thrusting the weight up simultaneously. Am I gonna be doing the same thing, except with a dumbell?

Thanks guys!

Yeah exactly, with a push press, you use your legs to give the dumbell some extra momentum to get it over head.

It lets you use a heavier weight than you would for a strict press.

Thanks man. My coach wants me to do 2 sets of 25, supersetted with 2 sets of 25 lat pulldown.

Then 2 sets of 25 backsquats with my heels on plates supersetted with 2 sets of 25 lying hamstring curls.

Then 2 sets 25 of power lunges, which I can't do b/c my knee (acl recon 8 monthes ago) won't let me.

Make sense? I did the routine last week for the first time and almost puked. Felt good though.

Did you ask him why 25 reps?

Did you ask him why 25 reps?


There are a lot better ways to increase strength, endurance, and strength-endurance than sets of super-high reps.


He's just a strength and conditioning coach. He's a bodybuilder and has a pretty extensive resume so when he put that workout together for my "endurance" day I took him at his work. His company is called Primal Dymanics and is found at My coach is Jon.

The day before endurance, he has me doing supersets of squats and lying hanstring curls, supersets of flat bench with seated cable rows, and supersets of dumbel curls and and tricep pushdowns with a reverse grip. All exercises 5 sets of three reps using my 5 rep max.


Wiggy, how's you resume stack up to Jon?

It isn't really a 'squat down' then give it 'extra momentum'.

It is mor eof a 'jump' and very fast up motion then a squat down.  You 'dip' or 'bend' your knees a bit then drive up as fast as possible then extend arms up with the DB.  You can also add another dip in but I think your not doing th is.

Think of it like a 'jumping' motion with db on your shoulders or chest.  Keep your trunk vertical.