Standing elbows in mma

I am really curious why we dont see mor standing elbows in UFC or any mma org.....

Watch a Kenny Florian fight.

He busted open both Chris Leben and Alex Karalexis with standing 'bows.

That was against Tony Fryklund. Last fight before he entered the UFC.

Best standing elbow I ever saw im MMA was back at UFC 30 when Baroni made his debut. Bobby Hoffman was having some kind of falling out with MFS at the time and he had was asking Phil and Kieth trimble if they would mind helping out being his corner. (Me and Kieth were cornering Phil that night). For some reason or another, Hofman was cornered by his regular crew but me and Phil were only about 15 feet from him and his guys when he fought Mark Robinson. For those of you that dont know who Robinson is, the guy was a strng man champion from South Africa, guy was fucking HUGE. He bulled Bobby against the cage and after some quick tight pummelling Bobby hit a solid huge elbow/forearm. I can still hear it hit Robinsons head as if it were yesterday. Guy went down like a ton of bricks. If anyone knows how to find a gif of it, Im sure you guys would be entertained by it.

That Silva one was sweet too. good call.

Kendall Grove had a couple good ones in his fight with Belcher. Part of what was so impressive about his performance was that he did almost literally everything you can do in MMA in only two rounds: straight punches, hooks, uppercuts; elbows standing, elbows on the ground; high, middle, leg, and front kicks; knees to the head and to the body; takedowns and takedown defense; and of course submissions.

The Crow has some wicked standing elbows

^ Yes the Crow vs Rivera had some excellnt bows as well.

You don't see more standing elbows because most MMA fighters aren't that fundamental in there Muay Thai. Also is you don't throw and elbow correctly against some one who nose what they are doing you could eat and elbow as they defend your elbow.

Example Rich Franklin not being able to defend Anderson Silva's clinch in there fight was a lack of fundamentals that caused a downward spiral to defeat.