standing guard pass counter

recently i've begun bjj and i've been having problems with guys passing my guard by standing and controling at the knees.

i'm thinking i need to get some sort of hook and sleeve control maybe, but i'm not sure.

can someone tell me what to look for from this position.

Check any website that has techniques...,, there's about 1,000,000 sweeps/attacks you can do.

A basic rule is to put a foot on the hip, the other foot hooks the leg. Your hands can grab sleeves or ankles. Be sure to move your hips around.

Good Luck.

Number one priority is to not let the opponent control both knees. If he controls your legs then he controls your hips to a degree and movement of your hips is important in BJJ. Immediatly get rid of one of this grips, what you do from there would take volumes to fill. Good luck.

break the knee grips and sit up.




underhook one leg, bring the leg onto your shoulder, control the sleave of the guy with the same hand. Choose the sub or sweep you want to go for...

A good basic sweep is to just drive your seatbone into the inside of the knee of the leg you have trapped whilst doing a handstand pushup motion with the other arm. There's also a great Omaplata sweep from this position!

Never let your opponent control your knees/pants. If that happens, sit up and work a sweep or perhaps attack his neck for a gi choke.