Standing Heavybags

I am buying a new bag for my Kickboxing program. Which one do you guys recommend i get first, if i want to kick the bag. Wavemaster XXL or Ringsides standing heavybag? Is the Wavemaster XXL ok or does it break easy like the regular wavemaster?

Don't buy a standing waterbag.I just spent every day for two months making bases for Everlasts's new waterbag and let me tell you the quality of them sucks.Just buy a hanging bag and hang it up

I know nothing beats a hanging bag, i wouldnt be asking the question if i was allowed to hang a bag. I have to get standing bags. I have a everlast bag and a ringside cobra bag (speed bag). The ringside bag is nice for 90 dollars. The everlast broke my first class in two spots, piece of crap.

Standing heavy bags suck!

-BadBradBurrik's Heavy Bag

Apparently the Ringside standing heavy bag is excellent. The one im thinking of, has the attachment for low kicks.

I'd have to aggree with my heavy bad. Good morning heavy bag!

bradl...the ringside heavy bag is like one big double end doesn't absorbed your bounces around cause of the spring underneath it. Worst than CENTURY standup bags.

Make your own stand –up.

Years back when I was teaching out of my garage, I had an extra Heavy bag but no place to put it. I had previously experimented with used tires; I drilled some holes into them and bolted them together.

About 4-5 tires high, hardest / biggest tires on the bottom and the smallest most worn tires on top. Hurt like hell at first to kick it so I wrapped a piece of carpet around it and then used Gods gift to the handy man, Duct tape to secure it.

It was great for low kicks but even it would roll over. So I secured the base with some weights, and then I got the idea to jam the Heavy bag inside of it. Had to put some boards in the middle to elevate the bag. It stood about 6' tall and wouldn't move anywhere. You could grab and knee it, kick it all you wanted and would take any punishment you could give it.

The problem was it was ugly as hell. Covered the whole thing with about 4 rolls of Duct tape. Looked like a big silver Dick.

TTT I'm curious about the wavemaster xxl. I'm moving into an apt. So hanging is a no go...:(


i got one and its ok so far. It has lasted about 12 classes so far, its really not to bad. Of course not as good as a real heavybag but i would recommend it for a standing bag. The only problem is you can't kick the bottom really hard or your shin will hit the plastic part inside and that will leave a bump on your shin for a few days :)