Standing up from guard position

what are some techniques or drills for standing up when have guard?

Gete a medicine ball (or heavy bag on the ground)lie on it, then pop up. Repeat.

Another good drill is the wall seat. Where you sit, as if on a chair, with your back against a wall and your legs at 90 degrees. Hold the position for increasing time periods.

Another good partner drill is have your partner jump guard, you stay upright, they do ab crunches. You then swap. This is a great drill for both of you!

The four point drill where you get in a four point stance and switch the positions of your hands and feet.

I am not sure what you meant by "Standing up from guard position." Please explain more.

sorry, you're not in the guard

i meant you have full guard, and want to stand back up...

Ahh terminology. I call that backing out of guard. Funnily enough we have never drilled this but this is something I do a lot. I bet Chuck has some drills.

You post your left hand on the ground (it would be on his head) and drag your left foot out from under you to stand and back out. Switch and do it with the other side. It's the same motion that is described in early Gracie videos on how to stand up off the ground in a streetfight.

Keep in mind that the more you are sitting up the easier it is, although someone in your guard will most likely be working to flatten you out.

Keep in mind also that this technique is usually done with either an underhook or a whizzer.

I think from reading the original post he states you are in the guard, not you have someone in your guard.

sorry for the confusion, i meant what frank shamrock did on have the guard position

i meant situation A, except you wouldn't exactly flat on your back...more like sitting up

"Wall walk! Wall walk!"

This guy has the worst powers of description ever. Are you IN the guard or do you have someone else in YOUR guard?????

You guys suck, I knew what he meant right from the begining. He just forgot to type "when you have gaurd", in his first question.

I'm with Shad on this one, makes Bush seem verbose


thanks for the tips. the rest of you guys aren't the quickest of cats...

"standing up when have guard"

"you have full guard, and want to stand back up"

"what frank shamrock did on have the guard position"

"I meant sitation A 'starting from laying on your back with your opponent between your legs, in your guard, and from there, standing up.'"