Standup paddleboarding style workout

Little bit of background: my shoulders and other joints are fucked from arthritis to the point that my usual pull ups/dips routine and other heavy lifting is pretty much out. I can still do some, but my joints feel like they are getting the worst of it.

I got to thinking about what else I could do tokeep my muscles activated.

I grabbed a paddle that I have from my paddle board out of the garage and just stood on the steps of the pool and began experimenting with different paddle motions/grips and have been doing a routine that leaves my muscles feeling like they have been soaked in battery acid.

This is the routing I have worked up to:

6min of forward facing twist back (makes a quarter circle arc
6 min opposite side
6 minutes forward facing twist forwards with supine grip (kind of like a hockey stick motion)
6 min opposite side
6 min traditional forward row with traditional grip (makes a straight line front to back)
6min switch sides
6 min reverse rows traditional grip (makes a like back to front)

From what I can tell, it’s about 2.5 seconds of muscle activation spread out over several different muscle groups each stroke. It’s not full range of motion, but it ads up to a lot of time under tension and it feels absolutely glorious when finished.


It’s also worth noting that you change the difficulty and muscle groups worked depending on how far up the paddle the bottom hand is. When I feel like I want to put the emphasis on my upper arms, I will shorten the distance between each grip, whereas if I go further down towards the water, I feel my last more engaged


I admire your clever evolution and adaptability to your situation and wish you the best with your conditions

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Thank you

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Here is the stats on the workout in case anyone is interested