Stann is not taking any of Cruz's BS

He looks like he is ready to go with the little guy.

Cruz has since got in line like a good boy

Nope came here to post this. A lot of bickering tonight from them two Phone Post 3.0

Was half listening what was that over? I heard Dom talking about bader and Rashad and countering but just caught the end of it where Stann seemed agitated haha. Was Dom saying bader wasn't countering?

Cruz usually runs shit. Stann has been talking to his wife all week about having to work with the little shit and how he was going to shut his smug ass down

Lol I caught that Phone Post 3.0

What was the back and forth? Phone Post 3.0

Media Monster - Lol I caught that Phone Post 3.0
Same. Phone Post 3.0

Stann said he was moving and leading. Cruz said Bader was being the Counter puncher.Stann got pissed and said he was moving and leading, something Cruz does himself. This was all very sternly

It's tough to counter someone who isn't throwing a lot. Bader used the jab a lot tonight, and it for the most part wasn't a counter shot.