Star Jiujitsu Tournament Pics

Congrats to Yousef and all the competitors. Here are a couple of my shots from the tourney today. 






Feel free to give me some feedback on my shots.  I'm saving up for a nice lens but working with what I have now.



very nice shots....perfect angles for all of those pictures

some are a little close but they look good to me.

I like...

Great pics Rodney-what camera are you using?

It's a Nikon D70.

Good pics man.Nice action shots!

cool pics

Great pics Rodney!

That match in the first pic, between Blake (Titan) and I think that's Luke (NDBJJ), was great to watch. Very technical and unfortunately it looked like Luke just finally ran out of gas and got caught.

Also, it was good meeting you, as well as the others....Lance, Mike Valentine, Kenny McClure, Travis Lutter, etc...

I'm happy for Yousef! His school seems to be doing really well. I thought he ran a great tournament and there was quite a bit of talent there.

Nice pics Rodney.

Hey, send me an email and let me know how Tito did at the tournament.

"Hey, send me an email and let me know how Tito did at the tournament."

Why in the world was Tito in this tournament and not in training for Vitor?

BEskew, it was nice meeting you at the tourney. 

DeFranco's student "Tito" took 3rd place only losing 1 match to an extremely tough Xavier guy (one of the twins).