Star Wars Bad Batch

For those fans of the clone wars and rebels the premier of bad batch dropped today on Disney plus. Just finished watching it, will be interesting to see where they go with this.

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1st season of clone has been rough getting passed. This is my second go so I’m trying

It get’s much, much better, just get through it



I asked so many “May the 4th be with you” posters if they were watching bad batch today. I got so many “what is that” replies! SMH

I tried so hard to get into Clone Wars and just couldn’t do it.

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I did not like the animation style but the characters I liked a lot.

Great first episode, little worried that it may follow The Mandalorian plot a little too close.

Shit I forgot it was a stupid holiday lol

If you quit you’ll be missing out on the best thing Star Wars.


Clone Wars made me a diehard Anakin/Dark Vader fan.

isn’t this just word play on Bad Bitch?

Agreed, I had read that the first season was all over the place as far as story line because they didn’t think it would be renewed for a second season. Once it was picked up they really tightened the story line up. I liked how they started spreading the scripts over three different episodes. It ended up being multiple hour and half long movies. I agree with dead bluff on Anakin/Vader, totally changed how I looked at him.

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No, it isn’t. They are a bad batch of clones, as in the Kamino clone engineers spoiled the recipe.

It is absolutely tough to power through the first season but man, that show gets so good. I’ve always wondered if George lucas was involved with writing first season then turned it over. It also gets more of an adult show vibe as the seasons pass.

Totally worth the first season shit to see the next 5 or however many. I need to find time to rewatch.

It’s one of the best Star wars properties out there imo.

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I absolutely loved the first episode and the mess hall fight scene had me rolling.

“Know your place kid”…clone turns to walk away when BLAMMO - he gets hit in the back of the head with an entire tray.


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I’ve tried watching the Clone Wars three different times. Each time, I just can’t get passed that first episode.

That being said, I really enjoyed episode 1 of the Bad Batch. I’m not familiar with these characters but I think they’re all very interesting, especially the leader - can’t remember his name right now but I thought the animation studio did a great job of getting the character to express nuanced facial expressions.

I’m also interested to see how the sniper character arc goes, whether he breaks from the clone mold so to speak and becomes an independent thinker or if he matches along like a good soldier.

Another aspect of the show, whether this was intentional or not (though I’m inclined to think it is), was portraying the clones as obedient and blind followers of a megalomaniac leader like other fascist regimes.

Lastly, I’m not clear on the member who was “more robot than human”, I think his name is “Echo”, they mentioned or at least I think they mentioned that he wasn’t a clone? It was towards the end of the episode and they were talking about the little girl being the 5th clone but one of the Bad Batch not being a clone.

They’re all clones - including Echo. The difference between Echo and the other clones (including the girl Omega) is that he’s a “normal” clone - what they were calling in the show a “reg”.
“Hunter” (the leader), “Wrecker”, etc, including Omega, are all clones with genetic abnormalities. These abnormalities are what separate them from the rest / give them their powers. (They’re also the only ones left, as traditionally, clones with genetic abnormalities would be destroyed.)
Echo has no genetic abnormalities, but has had a lot of mechanical / machinery upgrades to his body, which is why he has abilities different to other “regs”, as well as why he’s not submissive to his inhibitor chip (like the other five).

Echo is a regular clone, as in he doesn’t have any enhanced characteristics like the others from the cloners experiments. He was captured by the Separatists and was operated on so they could tap into his brain and steal Republic info.

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^this. They were mining his brain for intel, tactics, etc^

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