Single player takes place in the prequel era.

Darth Maul, Yoda, Rey, Kylo Ren confirmed to be playable heroes/villain.

The first game is the coolest seeming yet least fun game i have ever purchased.

I got a PS4 at christmas bundled with it, it was fun to play as vader and luke in vs mode and run around with light sabers.

There is almost no single player. Multiplayer is one where like the more you play the better weapons and abilities you get so it sucks to start off, and its not even that fun IMO.

So many cool things to do with a starwars game and the first one sucked dick.

I agree with you. I think EA heard the issues from the first game and seem to be correcting them by the looks of the ad.

Single player looks dope and we may be getting an exclusive heroes vs villain mode with just playable hero/villain characters which would be fucking awesome. 

Loved the first one. Best graphics I've seen and the battles got intense. Such a great game to play in short bursts from time to time.

Lol @ "leaked"


its being about as properly as "hacked" these days. 

I hope you can go prone.

opieandjimmy - It's EA, no matter how it appears they will release it have finished and just patch the rest in with downloads and Dlc.

Fuck EA at this point, and I loved the shit out of the new battlefront
The last Battlefront was fine, I could give a damn about single player..but holy shit @ 14.99 per each DLC they put out. Tremendous ripoff.

I loved the first one because I'm a Star Wars geek and put the time in to get 'good' at the game but I agree is really sucks that people starting the game fresh are at such a huge disadvantage due to good weapons and abilities being locked.

If they add some decent single player campaign this time and sort out the balancing issues for new players then this could be amazing...