Star Wars: Force Unleased ???

Sept 16 is the release date. I notice the game will be on all three consoles, which leads to some debate.

Right now I own the wii and 360, but I'll be getting a ps3 on June 12.

Is there going to be much of a difference besides controllers of the versions?

I'd prefer not to get the 360 version in fear of running the machine to death. The Wii verson is the cheapest, at least according to But I'm willing to pay extra if the wii verson is shorten or dumbed down.

Any thoughts or insight?

 why dont you get the ps3 on june 11th?

 Wii version is kind of a different game, I think. I think there are videos of it and it looks good. PS3 and 360 should be pretty much the same.

June 12 is when the MGS 4 Bundle is coming out.

I realize there is a difference between the wii vs the other 2, my question is the wii verson going to leave out important aspects of the game the other two have?

BTW: I'm speaking off-line gaming. I've heard that 360 and PS3 has more online features.

Freeman, no pc version at this time.

Star Wars fanboys are going to go nuts over this one... You get to play as Darth Vader!!!

I can't wait for this game. I fucking love the Jedi Knight series. However, I am still kind of pissed that they keep using these side characters.

Fans want to play as Luke... fuck that we are coming up with Kyle... then getting rid of him and having a new guy.

Fans want to play as Vader... fine but only for 1 level. Then we are introducing a new guy with a retarded saber grip style.

I understand of course that if you were Luke or Vader to start with you would be too powerful and the game would be boring. But there are ways to work around that or at least give us more than 1 level of Vader badassness.

Of course this is probably just my left over anger from Ep 3 not having what everyone wanted--Vader running around killing the Jedi AS Vader (in the suit). Now it seems like they are depriving us again. Now Vader doesn't hunt the jedi down... some other new idiot does.

End rant. That said these are pretty much my favorite fucking games. I just love the gameplay with a saber, nothing beats it IMO. Can't wait. I know, I have a lot of stupid BS ranting for someone that will preorder this game in a second :)

"Then we are introducing a new guy with a retarded saber grip style."

I feel the exact same way about the new guy's lightsaber stance.

Interestingly enough though, he holds it in a more traditional stance in the PS2/Wii versions of the game. At least, in the gameplay videos that I've seen.

And I don't think it will be a Jedi Knight series style of gameplay. From everything I've heard/read/seen, it is more like a God of War meets Star Wars type of gameplay style, or like how the sabering was for the Episode 3 game.

Having said that, I also loved the JK series and I REALLY hope they make a new Jedi Knight game.

JK 3 and KOTOR 3 are the games I most want to see from LucasArts.

Ep 3 wasn't horrible but yeah it was way more arcade-y than the JK series which was just one of the best series ever.

The game will be released for EVERY gameing device you've ever heard of....kinda. It will be released for wii, 360, PS3, DS, PSP.....the game will be slightly different on each console/portable.