Star Wars Questions

1- At the end of RotS, we see the superstructure of the Death Star prototype fully built. Why does it take another 20 years to get a full working model that is battle-ready? They built star destroyers (granted, much smaller scale) in under 4 years, and then created hundreds of them.

2- Why was Master Windu willing to violate the Code and murder Palpatine? I understand the philosophical and political nature of what he was doing, but it directly violated the Jedi Code!

3- If clone troopers are such good shots, why do storm troopers SUCK ASS?

4- Assuming they have a high level of technology in all fields (biology, chemistry, engineering, etc.) why are people given prophestheics and not simply given new arms (from stem cells for example)? If droid arms are better, why not augment at birth?

5- If the Emperor beat Yoda, how could Anakin (with 1 arm and tired from fighting Luke) beat the Emperor?

6- How could someone who decimated a village of Sand People, murdered Jedi children and essentially turned a democracy into a military dictatorship STILL have good in them?

7- If Anakin as a Sith lord was so much more powerful than Kenobi, why didn't he just flick Kenobi into the lava?

8- Was the Emperor causing Anakin to have those false visions or were they true visions that the Emperor was also aware of?

thanx guys

MS- I take SW far too seriously for my own good

  1. I think it was just a skeleton structure at the time..Just the framework and not the internal structures were built..Plus it was small planet size..Think of our moon..How huge it is.How much Material u have to ship in and A war U are starting to fight with the Rebel Alliance takes its toll on time delays. So of course it took awhile to build.

Plus trying to keep Star systems in check by militery force sure cuts back on labor.

2.Windu was the best fighter out of the Jedi..He was a warrior first..So he understood how powerful this enemy was. He also Knew the history and oppression of the sith..Thats why he says to the Emperor U will not bring back the Sith Oppression.So the better good of the Universe would be the Death of the Emperor..Why keep him alive when u know he could influence someone else?? He already had control of the Courts..So he would have gotten away.,

3.Storm Troopers during Star Wars were just people they forced into the Militery at the time. Each Planet they conquered they forced people to serve in the militery.So u had a bunch of crappy fighters ..thus poor

4.I assume cause its cheaper to do.Maybe someone else has this answer.??

5.The Emperor had no idea that Vader would turn on him and grab him from behind to fling him down the pit.Plus the Emperor while powerful was a feeble old man at the time. His body was physically not powerful due to age and being consumed by the dark side.Plus Vader had an Adrenaline surge by seeing his son getting killed he found Hulk like Strength.

6.His Children brought it out of him.Seeing himself as a young kid in Luke soften his heart.Maybe not immediatly but it eventually did.Maybe he saw Padme in him too.???

7.Obi could counter it with his own force push..Thus negating Anakins..Like when they fought in that control room and and tryed to force push each other ..but ended up just knocking themselves back...Plus they could feel when someone was using the force..Sort of like a power surge building up..

8.That one is up in the air..It would have to go back to when he had them about his mother..Did he have them?? or were they induced also..??..cause he was still in contact with the Emperor then?? But those ended up coming true.! So maybe they were real but only cause they were set up by the Emperor controlling how Anakin would become?? ..

Well Thats what I think!!..Anyone else??

1 - It may have taken time for them to consolidate control of enough star systems to provide the necessary labor.

2 - He was trying to prevent exactly what happened. He knew the stakes, and chose to sacrifice the Jedi code for the greater good - saving the Republic.

3 - Possibly the clones deteriorated over time. Also, not all Stormtroopers are clones.

4 - Possibly biological arms are more expensive than prosthetics.

5 - Yoda is old, and Anakin/Vader was by far the most powerful of the Jedi/Sith.

6 - Stupid answer maybe, but he did all of those evil things out of love.

7 - He was morally conflicted.

8 - The Emperor knew of the visions without being told, so my guess is that he planted them.

Thanx guys! One last one I thought about when I woke up.

If they Kenobi was able to play security film from both inside the Jedi Temple and inside the Chancelor's private room, why did they need Anakin to spy on him? In fact, why not simply review the tape every night and see Palpatine doing his Sith meditations and such? They could immediately realize who he was and bring him down much more quickly.

4 the real limbs take time to grow....luke ended up with a real hand but it took months

5 darth was "kept down" by palpatine wit hlies and deception...he bent anakin to his will....anakin is/was more powerful than palpatine the entire time, but was manipulated to believe he needed the emperor....darth could have killed him at any time had he just snapped out of it....

7 i believe kenobi was teh second strongest jedi, and may have ended up more powerful than yoda, in time......i believe there is a constant unseen "force battle" going on when jedi's fight....attacks and counters...that's why it always comes down to the skill with the light sabre and cunning...

8 the visions were not planted by the's simply a statement about destiny.....the path anikin chose CAUSED the visions to come true, hence though his intentions were "good" his destiny was pre-determined and ineccapable....

When did Luke get this real hand? In RotJ we see Luke get shot by a blaster and the mechanical gears underneath.

Also, if Anakin had no choice and his destiny was chosen for him, then the entire Jedi philosophy is much more passive than portrayed.

1) Unions

2)Mace Windu is a Bad Motherfucker

5) Tard strength

6) Always yin in the yang, baby

7) Despite some of the stuff they said I doubt Anakin had reached his full potential . He had done little or no Sith training at that point

8)I think he planted them. I would work if he just tapped into them and manipulated anakin too

1) probably software. Plus they had ships of various sizes for thousands of years, but something the size of a small moon is a on a whole new level.

2) Because in the end, the Jedi appear to be full of it. Telling anakin for 20 years that he shouldnt do this, cant do that, "holding him back" which he blames directly for the death of his Mother. So when he sees the leader of the Council doing whatever he wants, he is a bit pissed off.

3) Either because Jango was dead and they were cloning clones. Inbreeding so to speak. Or they had started conscripting people.

4) dont try to regrow limbs. See Dr Curt Connors for an explanation

5) He's the chosen one, who only had to survive the lightning(which has been shown to be an absolutely crap power) to walk 3 feet to the reactor.

6) Dunno.

7) It appears you have to catch someone off guard to do that. The bit in the fight when they both try it at the same time shows because they have trained together for so long, they both know each others style inside out and wont be surprised.

8) Probably true premonitions. We know people can see the future(all the Emperor stuff, Yoda/Luke in ESB), so it has a precedent.

The security tape was just of the Temple, where the Emperor didnt go until after it was wiped out. (the bit where Anakin kneels is not the bit we already saw when he names him Vader)

The Emporer was a egomaniac prick. He turned his back on Vader who killed him.