Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker(Book)

I picked this up for 9.99 off of Amazon. I am about 100 pages in. It is decent so far, but I have a feeling the "Legends" we are hearing in the book are normal people not Luke. There are a few hints that make me think it's going that way. Just as Rey said that the Galaxy needed a legend.

Also the first story was told as if everything in the first three movies was a lie and the Republic was known for being Liars it was basically a bullshit story and it was supposed to be that way period after that story was told all the kids were upset with the Storyteller. This is where it connects to how people view the last Jedi. It said you wanted to hear a story don't be upset with the story tell her that the story didn't go how you wanted it. They seem to be pushing that narrative throughout every piece of merchandise they were least building up to the Last Jedi

Oh well. Did anyone else pick it up? Have you finished it? Thoughts? I got it hoping for some cool Luke stories to wash the blasphemy out of my head from TLJ.

Damn I figured a few of the people here would have at least read the book or seen it

Ive given up on star wars as anything but mindless popcorn flick entertainment. 


I'll wait for the book on Bluray