Starbucks worker never missed a day in 27 years

lol @ the lengths people on here will go to just to hate on someone

btw for those with a complete lack of ability to discern sarcasm - the guy isnt happy with his present, he is being sarcastic…

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I just cannot give these people nothing but great admiration.


He serves overpriced coffee for a living. He stopped enjoying life a long time ago.

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The real shame of all of this and people just like him is imagine what he/they could of actually accomplished in life with that level of dedication. I think i want to buy that location and fire everyone and close it down. Just to see how he reacts.

Crazy seeing people shit on him for being a productive member of society. He more than likely has developmental issues and isn’t going to be management. Luckily the world needs batistas, door greeters, etc


First time on the OG?

People here shit on anyone who doesn’t make six figures and live in a mansion lol.

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Maybe not motivated or goal oriented but definitely not pathetic. Hasn’t missed a day of work on 27 years and he’s pathetic? What would the world be like if everyone was the same as him? Pretty good probably. Now if everyone was as judgemental and self righteous as you, what would the world be like? Exactly.

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I own a group-home and have a guy just like this. He’s worked at Taco John’s for going on three years and has never missed a scheduled day off. He absolutely loves his job to the point that he brought home a bunch of TJ’s poster size menu boards and other posters. He asked me if he could hang them in his room. Of course, I said, “why the hell not”. He takes a lot of pride in his work and he’ll talk your ear off about work if you let him.

I’d hazard a guess that the vast majority of individuals who have worked in the fast food and quick service industry for years have some type of disability. Every day, we get up and complain and stress out about the most mundane things in life, these guys are enjoying there time at work and it’s more than likely a catalyst for their overall happiness and enjoyment in life.

I have another client who loves animals and does dog-sitting for people through Rover. She’s trying to obtain her drivers license and hopefully land the job of her dreams at PetSmart. I bet a dollar to a dozen donuts that she’s be a lifer there if she gets the job.

More often than not, they’re just great people who have found something they love and are not particularly worried about the size of the paycheck.


He’s a dunkin donuts reject.

I’ve got no problem with the guy staying in a teenager’s job for so long. If that’s enough for him, good for him. And not missing work? That’s always admirable.

All that said, if you do choose to stay in a teenager’s job for so long, there’s no real room for complaint.

That seems worthy of its own thread.

how is he “pathetic”?

Starbucks is the pathetic one sending him a goodie bag, which the guy still genuinely is appreciative of

i would love to have a guy like this working for/with me


Unless this guy is “special”, as some have suggested, someone should have a real talk with him. And unless he just loves Starbucks that much, he’s wasting his time working such a dead end job when he could be out there making serious money doing something else. Any manager with decency would at least have a talk with him at some point about maybe aiming higher.


That gift bag is SO depressing…

Years ago, I had a dead end job working at the internal marketing library of a medical equipment manufacturer. It was $14.40 an hour, with no chance of promotion. It was just me and another guy.

No one really knew what we did, so one year they re-classified us to make us -on paper-- “secretaries”, although we did nothing secretarial.

On secretary’s day, I guess we were on the list, so HR came by and gave us a similar gift basket, which included the most depressing book I have seen: a tiny little motivational book saying that not everyone was meant to follow their owns dreams, but rather, some people( i.e. secretaries) were destined to help another person achieve THEIR dreams. --This was supposed to be motivational! I couldn’t believe it was real.

I quit not long after that.


That’s just mean lol

This, people would shit on him no matter what. Guy was literally a reliable employee for almost 30 years in one place. This place is not like it used to be


Thats not Starbucks, he just got a gift for there. Look at his uniform, thats Burgerkang.