Starfield's pronoun-removal mod has been banned by NexusMods

People made a big deal out of something that takes 2 seconds to input in the game and it makes no difference in the game. We’re acting like lefties over this.


Cool, I know you gam3rz really love Harry Potter games, have fun with those!

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That you when all you have to play that isn’t made by a shitlib is Hogwarts Legacy 6 and Hermione’s Quest?

The game should give you the choice to use personal pronouns. Forcing you to do it and banning a mod that gives you that choice is saying: “Fuck you Nazi. You will submit to a leftist narrative in our game whether you like it or not.”


wait, what?

the mod took away the choice right?

doesnt the base game let you choose what pronouns the game will use to refer to you as?

the mod removed that choice and i assume the game would now simply refer to male characters as “he” and female as “she”?

or do i have it wrong?

If you actually follow through, you’ll complete the #Metoo storyline in which your character is canceled and spayed by the Intergalactic Federation.

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"wait, what?

the mod took away the choice right?"

The game forces you to choose personal prounouns (he/him, zhey/zhe, etc.) The mods simply removed that where you can just create a male or female character and leave the leftist nonsense out of it. If you want to be a “they/them” then don’t download the mod.


ah ok, i guess the wording is just kind of weird, the game does give you the choice to use typical pronouns or alternate ones, you are saying that is “forcing” you to make a choice. so it sounds contradictory but i do understand what you mean now.

and as far as the “political statement” thing goes, i dont see any way you can justify removing the mod without it being a political statement, so they should have just owned it. or better yet just not removed the mod.

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The personal pronoun thing is a recent phenomenon promoted by the left and embraced by the Democratic party. Making you to chose your pronouns at the beginning of the game is forcing you to participate. If you decide: “Hey, it’s a game I paid seventy bucks for and I don’t want to have to engage in this gender ideology nonsense.”, then too bad. They are taking that choice away from you.

I suspect we will soon see games where the storyline forces your character to engage in various gay and trans activities to progress.


But if it forces a trans player, or someone who wants to roleplay as a trans character, to use the pronouns of the opposite gender, that’s definitely not taking a choice away from players.

yeah i got what you were saying, it just seems like kind of a backwards way to think of choice.

“hey, im a boy, why is this game making me choose between being a boy or a girl. its removing my choice to not choose!”

“so just choose to be a boy?”

I think the point is many consumers want the gender pronoun stuff removed because they don’t want their games infested with culture war nonsense. Choosing your character as male or female and giving them a name has always been more than adequate. No need to change that up to appease the radical left.


yeah i get it.

im curious now tho lol - someone should make a mod that only allows the game to be played as male (or only as female) and see if they ban it

(edit - there have been a few games that have done something like this btw iirc, some asian MMOs i think whatever gender you selected when you made your account forced you to only make characters of that gender, and RUST forces each account to play as one gender but its actually fucking random, and you start every game naked, so of course my account got female…)

Not quite what you’re saying here (but it’s in the ballpark), but it is notable that RPGs since 2000 and the original Baldur’s Gate that you as party leader could have a romance with one of your party members. Some were dudes who would only go for chicks, some chicks would only go for dudes, and some were gay, etc.

Lately games have just kinda cut out the middle and made every party member bisexual - so no matter who you are, if you play your cards right you can bang anyone in your party.

That isn’t exactly harming anyone, but personally I just see it as silly. There may have been a half dozen people out there who got pissed off that their male Commander Shepard couldn’t have teh gay buttsex with Garrus, and companies have obliged those teeny few by simply saying “anyone can fuck anyone.” This is of course not remotely rooted in reality.

Like Starfield - doesn’t matter who you are, you can bang any male or female shipmate. I guess 200 years from now we will ALL be bisexual, LOL.

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truth be told that’s how it is in skyrim. and that was made in 2011 i think.

ChildPornographyHero certainly is a clueless retard.

The vast majority of games don’t have this faggot bullshit, which is a very recent occurrence based solely on performative social posturing.

I personally play War Thunder and don’t recall any non-binary tanks or a Konigtiger fucking a Panzer IV in the ass.


Just remembered something else about Nexus. I believe it was something along the lines of, if you upload a mod it is no longer property of the mod creator. This caused a lot of creators to remove their mods off the site.
Hmmm. Interesting. It’s pretty clear to see the type of people running this site…


I heard the game wasn’t that good and that was before knowing about the gay shit in the game

your are referencing the mod-pocalypse…this along with tools like wabbajack caused it

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