Starlink quick review

This guy does some pretty good reviews on survival tools.

Also makes me wonder what happened to that homesteader guy who used to post here.

Anyway, looks useful if you’re in the boonies.

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Sounds like when it works, it’s a game changer. It’s early into its lifespan and I imagine the kinks will be worked out sooner rather than later. The portability of it is also pretty impressive, the ability to power it with the solar panel is nice.

I’ve been on the beta list for a long time. Supposedly, they are shipping out a new round of hardware in June. My internet is sub 1mb DSL and it’s the only option available. The Hughesnet stuff is basically un-usable for modern websites, streaming or zoom.

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Still here


And wranglestar has gone off the deep end

With the click bait titles or what?

I agree, he went downhill once he discovered and started click baiting.
He has become a sales rep.

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I can forgive click bait titles. It’s what works despite being a little annoying. Most times I can see it being a joke.