Start of my new website!

Check it out and give me some feedback please. This is just the rough start of it.

The Wildman

Looks good


TTT  :-)



That's a big ass training facility.

not bad!

Thanks Momita you r the shizznittt

ever since I was a little girl I've dreamed of being "the shizznittt"............ I can grow "old" happy now. :-)


You have to be the coolest mom I know. Have a good day!

The Wildman

Rob, those ground turkey and egg whites is ggooooddd I miss them. Anytime you want to come out let me know.

The Wildman

Who would make up such a thing. I love the asian culture.

Hot potato, No I didnt disrespect it.

is it true you left Millennia because you were scared of me?

Come on fess up, its okay :)

Say hello to the family from the rev, mrs rev, and the revlets

the rev

Rev you let the secret out of the bag but since we are on the subject. Is there any truth to the rumor you fled the country to Australia because you tried one of my workouts and couldn't hang!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone says hello and misses everyone, have fun over there and give my love to the fam.....


there is no workout you nor anyone else can devise, that I cannot get out of by faking an injury, so don't flatter yourself

the rev