Start of my quarter sleeve

blue namer please..


Looks pretty good to me. Who's the artist and how long did it take?

Adam at the Sleeved Weasel in Rock Island, IL

They just opened a shop I dont think they have a website, so there is a link to there myspace page. It took about 6 1/2 hours total with a break every 2 hours.

If you dont know who it is, it's is Louis from "Revenge of the Nerds" during the panty raid scene.

looks good but...why?

growing up in school, I was a little scrawny nerd, into computers and video games.. now im into computers and video games and jiu jitsu and muay thai. I've also packed on a lot of muscle and I'm a IT admin for a software company. It's just a very fitting tattoo for me. I watched these movies growing up and its just fun to see ass holes I went to high school with still working at the mall selling shoes. It's the ultimate revenge for me, knowing even though they could pick on me then they are still the same person now, except I know how to put them asleep.

 What's that one on your stomach?

its my last name, I got it when I was younger. that was my orignal design but it was to busy and filled it in and added a drop shadow

he lies! its a temp

that tattoo is fucking awesome

Thanks dunc, I love it. I cant wait to get more work done.

snarff snarfff snarrrrf