Start stop engine on new cars good or bad?

I have a hybrid so its ess of an issue for me, I can drive a long distance with the engine off. Seems annoying on an ice car or truck though. Must suck when your ac goes off at stop llights.

I have it on my 2017 f150. It confuses me especially since I'm not used to it. I keep thinking the vehicle just broke, something I'm all too familiar with. There is a button to turn it off but it must be done each time you start the car. Just have to get in the habit.

I fucking hate it.

All those additional stops/starts on your engine and starter.

You generally know if youre going to be stopped for a few minutes and can turn off the car in those instances.

If theres no button to disengage, you may be able to disconnect the smaller battery.

I work in the factory that makes pretty much all of those starters. 



Youre welcome. 

I like old school shit. I don't even really like auto start key fobs or any of that.

Hate it.  I wish I could disengage it on my Ford.

Hate them, on my m4 if you turn it off it stays off.

Just more shit to go wrong