Started Alt

Got bored with getting ganked and grinding last night. Seems like lvl 43 has been a bitch so far. Anyway, I really wanted to try out Warrior so I rolled a Tauren, lots of fun. Something to break up the monotany. Glad I did it.

The nice thing about alts is that when you come back from playing them you have a rested hp bar on your main......

Also, it lets the rest of us catch up to you racecar levelers.

Doesn't matter. Apparently my shammy isn't worth anything at the end game anyway according to may of the posts I read here.

I want to start a druid alt.

Screw shammies and rogues not being good at endgame. You have 40 people in a damn raid, you're telling me you don't even want one shaman?

I guess I was thinking instances.

Yeah, druid looks like a LOT of fun. I quest with a druid and he's gott the best of all worlds IMO.

I started a rouge today got up to level 7 so give me a shout this is like my 3rd alt ive started just trying to figure out what im gonna stick with

Druids, Priests and Mages are needed bad.

Try a mage, I guarentee you'll be suprised at how much you like the class.

I started a tauren druid (Heifer) AND an orc hunter (Kimbo) alt.

Squatdog, if I just want to grind and quest solo with a druid, what do I spend talent points in? I'll respec later, but for I now I'll probably just grind.

lol my hunter's name is AbdullahBird

Sweet thanks.

i dont understand how you people can have alts. you dont even have mains yet and i would think that would be a prerequisite

Fei's virtual cack is longer than ours...

lol @ me keeping on the shammy to 60 after knowing full well warrior was more fun.

Fei's cack is monstrous.

not only is it monstrous but it currently has an onyxia buff and generals warcry