Started doing my own MMA podcast... it's a work in progress... Getting all the bugs worked out, getting better equipment, and trying to get things to sound legit.

It's mainly just a couple friends getting drunk together and bullshitting about current events in MMA. At the moment we have a time schedule soo things seem a bit rushed but it's about to change. Try not to be too harsh OG. Phone Post 3.0

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Double Post

15 min in:


  1. You need to stop interrupting people
  2. You need to stop explaining people's motivations and feelings. You're not in their head. Share your opinion. Don't speak for fighters or promoters.
  3. Bobcat needs to talk more or not be on the show.
  4. You need to break the conversation up into 10 min segments with either skits, product reviews or something comedic
  5. Either do it sober or do it way more drunk. The place you're at is not funny. You just sound slightly sloppy.
  6. Podcasts are only as interesting as the personalities ability to share facts most people dont' know. Make some notes about the fighters and the fight in question. Amaze us with facts then corner us with your opinion.

I got an idea. Every 10 minutes do a 30 seconds challenge. Have a chick ask the hosts 3 trivia questions. For every question you get wrong, you have to drink. The person with lowest score drinks again at end. Have two of these during show. Shit will get very hilarious.

lol, this is already more response than I get from threads about my podcast


. I havent checked out your podcast yet so I dont have any specific advice but I have been podcasting since 2007 and did terrestrial radio before that so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks OG. It's something new that we're doing and we got a long ways to go. I appreciate the tips and advice, cause we have a a lot to work out before it'll become a familiar show weekly. We have a time schedule currently but working hard on changing that. I'll keep this thread updated after we start changing stuff up and get your opinions as we go forward. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck!