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Space and time. I have to hang 30 plants. I shuck mostly everything because again time. Then through a trim machine. Then a detail trim.

Alright so here are the pictures of the plants (+trichomes) on Day 57ish of Flowering, according to Ethos their Flowering period for this strain is 60-63 days, for comparison (quoted above) the plants 25 days ago :

These are my Mandarine Skittlez:

My observations: They are smelling really healthy, lots of yellowing on the leafs. pretty big buds considering how they were left almost to their own the entire grow. I think they still need a bit more time to gain volume. I definitely did not maximize during the growth stage but overall pretty happy w the results.

This is the indica (Dosi Do), this one the buds are much more compact and looks ready to be harvested. Tiny buds but they are imo looking very healthy:

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And here are today’s (day 57 flowering) pictures of the trichomes taken w that 200x lens.

I was looking for a 30/70 split of amber/milky trichomes but so far they look like they need more time.

Your thoughts are super welcome as always.

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Who’s in north Florida? I want some dank.

2 weeks into flower of Tropicanna Poison, should be some lovely pink/purple buds when it’s done.


Beautiful !!

bros any advise on my grow right on top of your post?

@JiuJitsuHeyZeus any ideas on my harvest optimal day based on my pics above?

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For me those need just a little more time. I’m no expert by any means but I would be leaving them slightly longer.


I’m not seeing any darker (amber?) trichomes yet so I am also thinking the same, plus the buds on the sativa are not compact yet, I remember at the company I used to work at they would still have needed more time.

id suggest getting a bit better than 200x. the 1000x is perfect imo if only BARELY too much and you just zoom out a tiny bit.

dont feel rushed. give her time. are you sure your lights are providing adequate lux?

this super silver haze is nucking futs.


All time favorite strain right there.

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That looks like some sticky bud right there!

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Mephisto auto-flower seeds. No more lottery, they are always exactly as claimed. Also they’re very unique, and they have strains that literally no one else does. All strains are unique crosses done by them, and turned into autos by them.

Or so I hear.

Not sure

I’m out of town for a week so no choice but to wait so next week it will have to be :slight_smile:

ive been using hand sanitizer and 99% iso on my hands and tools like crazy lol.

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love that thing

autos stress me out. i like to control my plants timelines.

first time growing it. cant wait to smoke it!

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