Started Grow Room

not a fan of indoor either

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Have any of y’all fucked with Grove Bags?

Use as a replacement for mason jars- they are dirt cheap, regulate RH%, pretty decent odor suppression and organized by size. I’ve only scrolled the last bit of this thread, never saw it mentioned. Around here, we haven’t had mason jars in stock anywhere since mid 2020, so that was another reason I switched.

The stores are filled with mason jars in the midwest US. It’s canning time from now through the next few months. They set up special displays with all the canning supplies and pallets of mason jars.

It likely got pollinated by ditch weed, with will make the seeds suspect.

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I’ve only done indoor. Seems way better. You arent locked to the time of the year light schedule

Not to mention cross pollination and thieves and pests and police and weather.


Powdery mildew and bud rot is also a lot more common outside from what I understand.

I’ve not done many outdoor grows. I have an auto going right now and a couple other plants

The auto is doing great

The other 2 are stretching for flower right now.


Initial investigation leads me to believe it’s a hermaphrodite plant. It’s a gg4 autoflower that I started and gave to him as a seedling. Gg4 are derived from a hermy and that trait pops up occasionally. Buddy didn’t sex it because I told him it’s a feminized auto, no need to check that! Lol
I’m going over tonight to look for balls.


Got a cheap clip on macro lens for my phone camera, works really well!


Oh Man , I meant Puffing it . I just prefer Outdoor to Indoor as a preference.

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Edited for reading comprehension.

i still havent had a hermie yet, i figure it will happen eventually though.


ohhhhhh derp my bad.

he was talking about smoking outdoors.

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Me either, it just figures that the one plant I hook a buddy up with does it. I’m heading over now to look at it and will post pics of findings.

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About to taste some perfectly cured Wedding Mints Indica I just got today.

The buds are just perfect and it is actually cheaper than the stuff I usually order.

edit: yeah this shit is unreal, it just entered the rotation.

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Girls be looking goood. More than likely gonna transplant them tomorrow


gonna top em too.


So you’ve never had good indoor. Got it. Indoor you can control the environment to a t and grow the best representation of what the plant can produce. There’s a reason why every single state grows massive amounts of indoor weed. From Cali to Oklahoma to Florida to Michigan to Massachusetts and everywhere in between. Outdoor is for poors.