Started Grow Room

My indoor blueberry cookies (front half) and either Blue dream or green crack at the back. Thought it was Blue dream but when I harvest and smoked tasted more like green crack I grew. My own fault for not labelling the seed. Probably the last time I’m gonna grow it anyway.


looks about 10 days into flower

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Pretty damn good guess. 11 days


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Looks like the auto threw out a couple nanners.

It’s too bad the other plants should be starting to flower anytime. Don’t want any pollinating my other 2


Shitty luck

Yeah it’s only like 3 or 4. I plucked them with tweezers.

I doubt it will do much but I’ll keep them apart for the next week. The hairs are turning much quicker than I thought. I’ll have to keep on eye in the trichs. Might be able to harvest earlier than expected but will get less of a yield than expected.

It was a freebie and grow for the hell of growing an auto. Can’t complain


Snapped a pic of the auto. I must say, beautiful buds

Edit, not sure why it embeds some photos but not others


No cap, but thats the best auto bud Ive ever seen. Im not too familiar with them but I remember back in the day the were way more ruderalis-like.


Any of you guys ever use recharge?

and what’s everyone’s favorite nutrients.

you are banned thus forth from this thread for thy use of “no cap.” BEGONE!

Fox farm has been the best nutrient line I’ve ever used. Could just be anecdotal but the taste from my harvest when using fox farm have been unmatched.

Fox farm big bloom
Fox farm grow big
Fox farm tiger bloom
Fox farm open sesame additive
Fox farm beastie buds additive
Fox farm chaching additive

Currently using botanicare

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I’ve been using fox farms. Tried a few others and keep going back to them.

The girls are nice and perky today



So nice and uniform/symmetrical


thanks! they’re all looking like they’re gonna be solid plants. and as i said before it’s 7 different strains. should be interesting to see their growth differences.

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Well had a few days of heavy rain and the top cola of the auto got bud rot

Caught it pretty early. The buds were starting to discover and leaves were dying.

Pretty shit there goes a good 5 G’s and the best part of the plant but it is what it is. Have 2 non autos still to come that have just started to flower

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damn that sucks. at least you noticed early.


if you guys had to choose one would you top or FIM.