Started turning off fights before the "judges decision"

Makes no difference. I just found out some guys in the UK scored the fight different than I did. Doesn’t change what I saw.

When you watch two guys fight for 25 minutes to determine who the better fighter is, and after 25 minutes there is still some doubt, what difference does it make what 3 random dudes think?

I had the fight a draw.

What do you guys think about draws in championship fights resulting in a vacated belt instead of the champion retaining the belt?


I generally don’t consider close decisions wins or losses.

Frye/Shamrock comes to mind.
Was realistically a draw IMO.
Frye basically admitted that himself after the fight.

Liddell/Wandy is another one.
Hate to see either guy get an “L” for that.
Should have had an extra round.

Hunt/Wandy another one.
Draw IMO.
Hell of a fight!

When it’s something obvious like a bunch of GSP’s fights or the few peak Fedor fights that went the distance – that’s a different story.

Of course I’m old-school.
More of a purist.

I think maybe more draws would encourage fighting for a finish rather than points.

But what do I know?


You let the ref tell you when to take a point too?

While I understand the sentiment here…
That kind of goes against a prize fighting tradition that predates MMA.

You have to clearly beat the champ, or he retains his belt.

I think I would be more in favor of things like extra rounds, and a more realistic scoring system.

But it’s definitely a rabbit hole of a conversation…


If you scored it a draw that means you took the ref’s point deduction on board when scoring the fight. You let the ref tell you who won, but not the judges?

I don’t buy that you have to clearly beat the champ. You just have to win 3 rounds, however you can.

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That’s a specific situation definitely worth discussing.

90% of female fights would be draws…


If it’s close I’d rather see an extra round.

But of course the guy slightly ahead could also ride his bike for that round.

IDK…tough choices.

I just generally dislike close decisions.

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I take all things into consideration. There were multiple fouls from Leon and only one point deduction. Whether there was no point deductions, 4, or 1, doesn’t matter to me. Who do you think I can say is the better fighter out of these 2?

Rounds introduced a way to win a fight without finishing. That is not good.
Allowing another round is just allowing another way for a fighter to not have incentive to finish but incentive to establish slight momentum and ride it out until the time runs out.

Finish or gtfo. That is my stance.

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How do you live with yourself?

I tend to agree.

Just that some of the fights I listed could have benefited from an extra round.
Granted, all those guys are straight up fighters, so a true battle would have continued.

Another 2 examples would be Hendo vs Rashad and Machida.
2 fights Taylor made for Hendo to lose decisions based on points and his opponents unwillingness to engage in significant exchanges.
Make those 5 round fights, and there’s more chances for it to get “ugly”, which favors a Hendo finish.

If refs were more consistent, I might be in favor of “ref rounds”.

Start with the Pride 10 minute rounds, and when the time is up, the ref is on the clock and decides when to end it.

In other words, if someone is in a submission and close to tapping, or on the ground getting pounded – he has to escape.
The red will not end the round when someone is clearly threatening to finish the fight.
If there’s a stalemate or the guys reset on their feet – ref blows the whistle and the round ends.
That could be 10 and a half minutes or 12 minutes.
Point is, the guy in trouble has to save himself.
Would eliminate guys being saved by the bell, and also encourage a finish over stalling for points.
The longer the round the longer the rest between – and do at least 2 10 minute rounds before switching to 5.

Problem with that is it introduces a whole other set of potential controversial situations.

But I’m just riffing off the top of my head.

I am not a fan of the current scoring and round structure.

I preferred Pride rules.

I do think you need some kind of round or time limit though.
Otherwise you could really favor a strong wrestler to lay & pray – or the opposite, a submission guy but scooting and/or stalling.

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I consider them to be mutual losses.

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Scored it a draw. But personally think you should have to beat a champion clearly to take a belt. Edwards probably edged him on numbers in 4 rounds too…

“Started turning off fights before the judges decision”

Gonna start doing this with every Petr Yan fight

I would assume his record was 19-1-1 then if I didn’t watch the official decision

No you didn’t.

I pirate all events so I skip judges decisions and women fights.

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Too much are put into close decisions. Close decisions don’t mean anything really. Neither guy could beat the other. But still someone needs to win and lose. The fight should be scored as a whole and draws more common yes.