Starting a club I need some opinions plz!

Hey all, me and a bunch of guys from work want to start our own club not open to everyone but just somthing we can get 20-30 guys into to cover all costs and send guys out for local amateur stuff and maybe turn a couple guys pro who knows anyway I'm comming to the forums to ask if anyone can give me a some insight on what the bare minimum things we should probably be getting besides the list I've already though of below or is what I have look good to start with?

1) 4x 100 lbs. Heavy bags
2) 2x 100 lbs. Muay Thai bags
3) 20x20m of floor mats
4) 6x head guards
5) 6x shin guards
6) 6x sets of sparring gloves
7) 4x sets of thai pads
8) 10x skipping ropes
9) 4x sets of focus mitts

 10) Proper instruction from a qualified Coach.

Bull_in_chinashop -  10) Proper instruction from a qualified Coach.

Damn, sorry should have specified a bit more about what we had, currently we have two guys who are qualified to be a wrestling coach, and we have a few gyms in our area who are willing to send muay thai, BJJ, straight MMA coaches up for seminars and weekends, I was just looking more for an equipment opinion but thanks for the advice known the less

 Seminars and weekends still doesn't cover the daily supervision and quality of instruction. You're essentially training in the dark and will probably create horrible habits that will be very hard to unlearn later down the road.

If there are a few quality gyms in your area, why aren't you trainingn there instead of watering down the sport with another low quality gym?

I understand your intentions are good natured, but you've got to see my point right?  If you lived in teh middle of nowhere and had no other option (as many did back in the early days) then I could understand, but this isn't the case.

 lol i understand what your soaying but unfortunately it is he case lol the glosest gym offering any sort of MMA training is 3 hours away we could go there on an indiviudal level but not as a group, also bcause we work for the military if we get the approval and funding we wil be able to hire full time coaches but thanks for the imput none the less i actually realise i do need to set aside more funds for the coach side of the finance area

 oh so you are in the middle of nowhere..  well that's different. you gotta do what you gotta do! 

Pretty good list to start with. I would encourage guys to get all their own gloves, shin guards etc. I keep a couple pair at my gym for new people but it is really better to acquire your own.

One really important note: Make sure someone is in charge. A club is great to start but without anyone in a leadership role I guarantee you will have unnecessary injuries.

A friend of mine started a university bjj club and was not supervising well enough and in the first two weeks someone had a broken arm and the club was almost shut down.

Make sure someone is in charge and can tell the idiots that will come (and all gyms get them so they do come) to either train safely or get out.

Good luck with your gym and where are you located?

ring timer
double end bag
a ring
or create a padded corner


insurance helps...

Its a good list...
To start the Club!!!