Starting a Jiu-Jitsu class

Me and a buddy of mine are going to start taking a Jiu-Jitsu class begining of March. Any recommendations on what we can do to prepare prior to starting the class in a few months?

Start running, build your cardio up. Do situps and squats. Wrestle around for fun until then. You'll learn everything when the time comes, it will help if you're in good shape when you start so you're not worn out from rolling.

There are a bunch of grappling drills you could do until then. Check out for some drills to work on.


maybe go onto ebay and buy some instructionals dvd's and go over those until march

Definately cardio. Both sprints and longer distances. Core work as well.

Lots of stretchig and cardio.

STRETCH alot flexability and strength can both be improved just by stretching.

Do what JOB said to do.

buy the basics series from

Yep Cardio.. And if not using strength means getting subbed a few extra times at the start, do it... Think speed not power.

Go now. Don't wait til March. Don't delay your training unless your physically unable to do so now.

EasyTapper is right


go to for some good drilling tips

What I struggled with the most when I started was all the sit-up type movements and the getting up and down off the mat. Also, the lack of flexibility didn't help me any.

So, my suggestion is to do a lot of situps (regular and twisting, do 8-count bodybuilders, and stretch out every day. Also, take the advice that was posted above and find some good jiu jitsu drills to do.

do burpees, bodyweight squats, run, stretch, do abs and core work, watch instructionals

Make sure you perfect your tap out technique.

As much as I hate to admit it, Sam Pai Kenpo has the best advice of all! You need to know that you can tap the mat, ur opponent, or you can just say "TAP!" It's gonna happen!

Good advice by all, thanks for the tips! I will get busy ASAP. Can't start til march as to much traveling from now until then.

As far as instructional videos, I know there are a lot out there but I have had the Ruas tapes for years, anyone else like the Ruas tapes?

Buy some beginner dvds. Get the Essential Guard by Peligro... good book since the bottom game is frustrating at first. Buy Mastering The Rubber Guard.