Starting A School?

I come to the UG seeking wisdom...

So I've been training for the last three years or so. The school i started at was a larger place and it went out of business after a year. So then the guy that ran some of the classes out of that school decided to try opening his own place. After 2 years its just draining him too much and he had to close the doors. Now I'm stuck with nowhere to train. The next closest place to go isover an hr away.

So last night i got together with 2 of the guys i had trained with from the begining. We tinkered with the idea of starting our own place. The thing is, we all 3 have very good day jobs. We just want a place to train within a reasonable distance. Sowhat we are looking to do is find a place as cheap as possible but within a reasonable location. 100% of the profit made goes back into the gym and not our pockets. We live in a pretty ghetto area so i would personally like to make the school available to teens whos parents would never be able to afford it....kind of a place to go to stay out of trouble. And i think this is possible since we arent trying to draw a salary out of it...all we need is enough to cover the schools bills.

My question is have any of you ever tried something like this? If so, how did it work out? Does anyone have any tips or things to look out for? And a big problem is, does anyone have any tips on getting hooked up with just your basic gear such as pads etc? Our biggest problem is we don't have much cash for start up but nobody is going to sign up for a school that looks like any empty warehouse...right?

The old gym owner had to sale most of his stuff off to cover late bills. The few things he has left, he'll probably hook us up with as mmuch as possible. I'm just looking for ideas and tips from folks that have been there. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and FRAT. Sorry.

Save your time and money, train online at the Gracie University

GO to a local rec center or weight lifting gym with available space. Get some dollamur rollup mats. Rent the space based on the mat size. Should be super cheap. You will not risk going out of business this way. Also the gym will send you clients, and you will get them clients. Its a win/win.

I have this deal going with a gym for $150/month. I can give away some free memberships no problem and charge everyone else $60/month.