Starting an AIR HOCKEY league.

For Christmas we got a regulation size air hockey table. Now I can finally advance my goal of starting a league. I am thinking about calling my team the "Flying Pucks" and make up some actual hockey jerseys with the team logo (that I designed years ago).

Eventually I would like to have tournaments at local arcades/Chuck E. Cheese's and get into full on Hockey fights with my opponents in the middle of some random kid's birthday party. Throw the gloves off, yank the fuckers jersey over his head and beat the shit out of him.

Im in...

LOL@"Flying Pucks"


seriously, you don't want none of this. I suggest drafting me ASAP before another team does.

i concur with this thread

So this is what happens when you outgrow Dungeons and Dragons.

How many men are on a team?

Is this like a standard bar dart league? One on one goes toward series for the team? I would be into this 100%. I think this has promise...

Fuck theres bar legues for everyother thing, I'd do airhockey over most of the shit they offer now...

when I was 15, me and some friends skipped school to play in an air hockey tournament. I won

They don't call me the "Luc Robataille" of Air Hockey for nothing.

how much was it?