Starting BJJ in Brisbane 2nite

Hey guys, i'm suposed to be starting my first BJJ class tonight in Brisbane, at a place on wynnum road at hawthorne (a friend has organised it). does anyone know who runs it or if its any good?

Think it would be Ken Dunstans school.

WARNING: If you see someone wearing anything pink made from spandex or lycra run for your life.

with friends like that who needs aenames ;)


lol, ooooookkkkkk.
whats the price like? can u suggest somewhere better maybe? i was going to start at the class at the UQ gym, but the times dont suit.

I'd be very worried if you saw anyone wearing pink spandex or lycra there these days! ...unless of course I have an evil twin - that would explain a lot! :p


dont be like that sweetie

I think she wants you to get your gear off coop ;)


where are you training now matt?

Nice use of spelling justin

I have my own fulltime place now at west end (am doing that and running the UQ classes).

CorranHorn, you should go check out Ken's. He's a great coach and with me gone you shouldnt run into any weirdo's wearing spandex (well except for gremis that is...and everybody already knows all about him! :p)

Ken is an awesome guy to roll with. Go do it CorranHorn.
- juggs


Freah meat

YAY for new full time place!!!!! :))) (*&^&&^(*&@*****+++_)!!@((#^