Starting Strength / Front Squat

Starting Strength is an important attribute of an MMA athlete. Heres a cool way to train it: Chain-suspended Front Squats.

I just picked up a bunch of 3/8" chain to do some suspended work. Its the same concept as pressing or squatting off of pins in a power rack, but this works a little differently.

Those who have done bottom-end work in a rack know how awkward it often is to setup under the bar. Whether it's a squat, pin press, or good morning.. you're just never in the best position when you start. This will change that.

The chains allow the bar to move and swing freely.. which will help you get in a better position to lift. This means better form and increased poundages.

Video -- Chain-suspended Front Squats (also w/ 1 chain per side for a deload in the bottom position. Bottom end work with contrast is also cool because your mind wants to outrun those chain links.. meaning more force). I only used 135 and + chain today because I just wanted to try it out, but I'm going to use some real weight next week.

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THATS cool! damn great idea.

Nice, i already saw the vid, but the explaination in the forum us cool too.

Post the heavy one too once you do it!


PS. nice deleting job jon. It was about fucking time.


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LOL! It's sewn to his head man, what's he supposed to do?


Thanks jon. Plenty more where that came from.. wait 'til later this year.

Doug -- you know I'm gonna post the heavy one.

Scrap -- Damn right. I am so sex.

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Very cool man

Thanks for the kind words and for posting the Save As link, broham.

Doug- Howd I miss that one for so long? LOL oh well.

Ryno- watcha got coming up?

More info later jon.. when everything is finalized.


Video looks good. Interesting way to train with chains and such.


Thanks dudes.

HK - Yeah, I saw a picture of Dave Tate floor pressing with bunch of chains a long time ago,.. I've been hooked ever since. They're useful things to have around..

Xman, haha good idea.. I can see my white ass walking around with a big 'ol chain hanging off my neck.

But yeah, I love chains dude.. I'm all about trying new shit and keeping things fresh -- they just give you some many more options. Bands are also cool.. I got tons of crazy shit that noone has really seen yet.. I love freaking people out.

double post

Yeah I bet you do freak people out Ryno901. I'll stick with my usual stuff until I'm bored stuff or I see no gains :P OL + Gym + RockClimb 4EVA :P

What do you max front squat to the depths you do in the video?

I wish to hit 350-400lbs someday :D


I've hit 275 + a purple band which I think gives you like 100lbs of tension at the top. That was onto a box though so its a little harder that way. I don't think I could do that now.. I was bigger and fatter.

I'm really not sure what I could handle now.. I'll have an idea on tuesday because I'm going to work to a 3RM. If I had to guess though.. I'd think around 275-300 now.

400 is a badass front squat. I'd love to do that as well.. whats your current max?

My current is about 125kg or 130kg 275lbs - 386lbs @ 167lbs.

Definately need to get it up more to lift more over this year. It is going to be a complete b!tch but I'll drag through it and do it. Hope to add some poundage to that and hopefully my lifts. But if my lifts go up and my front squat doesn't i'm not so bothered :D


erm... I back squatted 275 today- w00t! hehe. I was never good at front squats cuz I'm not flexible in the right places (or anywhere, really). Zercher squats, however, I kick butt at.