Starting the OG 666 Riders Motorcycle Club

You should call the elite guys within your club the "fuck-backers"....


I dont think back-fuckers had the same ring to it....


Youre welcome


Dougie -
Dougie - 

I'll pass

I said... I'll Pass!

Good day, sir!

You'll pass blood and cum after the Og 666 rape you.

Guys, I got some bad news. No Club. I failed my mission, i was not able to secure the needed approval.

As hard as i tried to be respectful and by the book, the idea of the club unfortunately rubbed some people wrong.

Ive been informed that my MC activities are not appreciated, and the last thing I would ever do is disrespect the dominant clubs, even if I dont intend to and it was taken the wrong way.

I took a lot of heat, most of it i think, because of disrespectful comments made by others, because Im a solid G and I make sure I never disrespect anyone intentionally. Ironically, the whitebread dumbshit dweebs that talked shit to me here, actually got me shut down.

Im hereby done with all things motorcycle on the OG. I dont care if its a dirtbike restoration thread, Im staying off it.

Id advise others to do the same. You never know who'os reading.

Do you guys want to see if the Laffin’ Devils will accept you as hang arounds?

Damn man I wanted to join too,  but I only have a 1200cc.  Careful where the dog shits you I suppose. 

What kind of President folds that easy? Whatever. Glad you were exposed before it started.

SeattlesbigDprolapsedME - What kind of President folds that easy? Whatever. Glad you were exposed before it started.

I was just the fall guy bro. Someone else brought the heat, we have a snitch.

D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. - 
ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff - I am fucking in...I am getting a bike built now with an S&S T143 Black Edition Long Block Engine for an 09 dyna.

what s the horse power. it says double stock, but i doubt it. no way with the specs give its 200hp

around 160 at pavement and 170 ft/lbs

Prospect Black Dougie has successfully completed his probationary hang-around period and the final vote on his full Club Membership will be held tonight at the clubhouse, this is a mandatory meeting.

You already said no club.

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Holy fuck… I’m now making custom t-shirts and can do these for $25 a t for regular sizes + shipping

That was obviously a ruse meant to throw off law enforcement.

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Is this real life???

I want a shirt.

Am I allowed to be a supporter of multiple clubs? I already have a Mongol Support shirt.