Starting to really like the new forum

So far so good. My only complaint is some of the larger threads (pics to troll sjw’s) goes blank when scrolling through it.

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Page numbers are a necessity, the infinite scroll is ridiculous.

The only other changes I’d want are

  1. being able to see which user started a thread (as opposed to only the avatar of whoever was last to post in the thread I’m about to click into

  2. being able to see quoted text, as opposed to the avatar link which takes me back to the post which was quoted…fucking annoying on those long ass threads when it takes you back 100 posts!

*edit: case in point…EY’s post that I quoted took me back to the beginning of this thread

It’s great. Much more options! Though I’m on droid so it’s web-based ATM, lots of interface options

My #1 complaint is that I cannot see who started the thread before clicking. Unless someone knows a solution?

It’s easy to tap what’s quoted and then tap to go back to first unread though

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put the app in desktop mode or if you’re on a pc, change the theme Moonclaw shows it and has nice pseudo-frames

This is a win, for sure.


Ok, thank you FOF, you’ve taught me something which I’m grateful for - that was one of my major gripes.

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Meh, it’s annoying as hell with the micro pauses it creates. It breaks the flow of the reading. I’d rather have quote block as a default for readability.

On the other hand it’s also annoying having to scroll through long lines of quoted discussions. I miss the ability to expand and compress quote blocks.

Im digging it a lot as well. Good work @Chris @Kirik and the other top men.