Starwars Galaxies

havent played this since the beta when, obviously, it was buggy as hell. Anyone played it recently? Have heard its been patched pretty good. Is it worth investing in?

I still have my account active from go-live. Everytime I go back it looks the same, feels the same, with a little more content added. (The warrens)

I try and talk myself into starting a new char but I just cant bring myself to do it. I'm holding out until space is released before I kill it for good.

I remember watching my friend in beta having fun by creating a fat white guy and having him dance in his underwear. That seemed to be the only fun side he could find to it though.

I never played it myself though so i dunno from personal experience.

On a sidenote the dancing fat guy doing modern interpetive dancing never failed to crack me up, he even bought pink hotpants.