State Forfeiture Law Seizure



lol @ the cop.  "I'm not here stealing money."

Fucking thief.  He should be hanged in public like they used to do to thieves.  

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get your shit in order then and start self regulating. don't put up w/ your faggot douche "brothers in blue".


more people need to be aware of the govt sanctioned modern day highway robbery that is going on under our very noses and in violation of our own constitution.

I was watching an episode of Drugs Inc. yesterday about Nashville.

They had one part where they pulled over a nice SUV that had a misdemeanor amount of weed found. The officer says "It's not that much cannabis, but at least we'll be able to seize the vehicle".

A good bit of the episode was spent saying how they loved busting weed as they got to seize lots of stuff to support their annual budget. They hate busting shake and bake meth operations because the people never have anything worth seizing and it's hard work.

It's very apparent that their only interest in doing this job is to seize stuff to pad their budgets. Sad... I don't think most people know about this organized thievery.