State Police Left Business Card

I came home from work, and noticed that a state police officer from the "electronic crimes unit" left their business card on my door. I called the number a few days ago, left him my telephone number, and I still have not heard back. Any idea as to what this might be about? Has this ever happened to anyone? I don't have any outlawed porn on my computer, and i dont'go online stealing peoples' information. Perhaps I am making a big deal over nothing????

NSA bro.

Been sending too many dick pics, and too many weed purchases.


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Watch these.


Had it happen a while back. I never called them. Fuck the police. Phone Post

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They want information from you, either to investigate you or someone you know. Could be the child porn you're not willing to claim, or perhaps you're personal information may have been exposed to a potential fraud threat. Could be any number of things. Either way, never answer questions from the authorities without your attorney present. Phone Post

Get attorney

Don't speak without your attorney! Phone Post 3.0

Happened to me in college (before I joined the piggies myself and scared the FUCK out of me).

I went home for a long weekend (like 5 days) and found a PD business card under my door.

I immediately went up to the frathouse and was like "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS DO THIS WEEKEND THAT THE COPS ARE AFTER ME?'

I nervously called them and was relieved to find that they were just wondering if I saw something related to a crime across the street.

As others have told you, if it's you they are after, they don't leave cards.

I thought this was going to be a picture of a black eye an fat lip Phone Post

Buddy of mine got followed home by troopers, he was home about 15 minutes and they showed up at his door because on a traffic camera they saw his license plate tag had expired. Could be something like that? Phone Post

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I think that making Gigli is considered an electronic crime, affleck, and I agree you should be prosecuted.