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Most of the Indian food I’ve tried that natives have told me was good was either good or disgustingly spicy. That level of spices is simply not good tasting. It’s like trying to eat a box of taco seasoning or a bottle of cumin… It just isn’t going to be good.

Chunky or fat asian and black women are better looking than skinny ones.

I was sooo high when I watched it and I actually enjoyed it. Though it was a good movie and was looking forward to a sequel.

This country got to where we are because of women voting. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to vote though.

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Firefly sucked in comparison to Outlaw Star which it pretty much ripped off of.

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Pigs in a blanket suck.

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Lol I’ve not seen Outlaw Star, but I definitely loved Firefly. Wasn’t hating.

Watch the first 5eps or so and you will see what I mean.

Rough toilet paper is far superior to the soft namby pamby stuff.

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We are in the midst of the unbridled pussification of America. Everyone is gets a fucking trophy. Every scrape needs a fucking bandaid. Be careful with words, because they hurt. We must use proper fucking pronouns to describe who the fuck we are talking to.

Fuck this shit.

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