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Next unpopular opinion… Tom Brady is a fag… I bet he’s fantasized about cock. He went to UofM so it’s almost a guarantee.

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Going to a college doesn’t give you any affiliation with the actual sports team either. Again it’s a locale thing

I went to the school therefore I am affiliated with the sports team?. How is that any different than living in the same geographical area all your life as a major pro team?

If I met pro athletes from my regional teams does that make my affiliation just as strong as somebody who got a hand job under the bleachers at Ohio State?

No. Packers are the only team that can claim that.

That’s funny. That’s an actual Packers affiliation if you know the insider info on that one.

I never said ownership of the team, but yes packers fan owners are above college fans

There is an NFL quarterback who likes sausage and has had multiple beards but it’s not Tom Brady

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Packers fans aren’t really owners. It’s basically like a certificate you can hang on your wall. It’s a joke

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Yeah… it’s his golf partner. Rodgers. No big surprise they’re friends.

Motorcycles are for dorks

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Maybe, maybe not but I can tell you first hand that you get a lot of female attention by owning one

Do you? Seems like more attention from dudes than chicks

I haven’t witnessed this. Whenever I see dudes on bikes they usually look like giant dorks or big fat husky guys in leather. Usually the sort of guy who has pet birds or snakes.


Dudes with a belly like a beach ball and a chick on the back that looks like she smokes three cartons a day and as a face that looks like a worn out catchers mitt


I specifically didn’t ride Harley’s, I hated them. I don’t think. A Harley isn’t getting you any quality talent imo

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Harleys are for larping dorks. Good motorcycles are fucking awesome.


Swap days and NFL only gets more popular while college ball ratings sink. This will only prove that college ball is worse.

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Oh yay.
We’re talking about football.

How many times has this thread been derailed to talk about football? It’s pretty much a guarantee that it’ll happen once every couple of weeks.


It’s been more than a few weeks this time lol

My MC only allows Harleys

Isnt that why the NFL isnt allowed to have Saturday games while the college season is underway?

Congress literally ruled that the nfl couldnt have friday and saturday games while the college season was active to “protect” college football fans.

“To protect fans of college and high school football, Congress also approved language that barred professional games on Fridays and Saturdays during the schools’ seasons. The NFL still stays away from those days outside of rare exceptions, like when Christmas falls on a Friday”

If NFL was on saturdays college football would lose its viewership

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