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My MC only allows Harleys

Isnt that why the NFL isnt allowed to have Saturday games while the college season is underway?

Congress literally ruled that the nfl couldnt have friday and saturday games while the college season was active to “protect” college football fans.

“To protect fans of college and high school football, Congress also approved language that barred professional games on Fridays and Saturdays during the schools’ seasons. The NFL still stays away from those days outside of rare exceptions, like when Christmas falls on a Friday”

If NFL was on saturdays college football would lose its viewership

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The Beatles were just so fucking stupid. And gay. Any time a Beatles song plays in the background i want to throw something at it.

Ringo was a smart dude, though. Most successful scammer in history.

Fuck the Beatles and their fag yellow submarine.


I couldn’t imagine being in one

Fuck i hate them so much.


Look Here Reaction GIF by Paul McCartney


Athletes should be paid more


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Worth repeating given today’s SCOTUS decision:

The worst cities in America would be exponentially better if there was a 3x increase in legal abortions.

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Abortions are one of the least necessary things for ADULTS but people love being irresponsible and having a magic parachute to bail them out. Its a big issue that doesnt even need to be more than a rare occurrence.


It’s just another hypocritical thing libs love to go on about


Libs: it should be okay to kill unborn babies

Also libs: death penalty?? What’s that’s inhumane!!


They love bears yeah yeah yeah :notes: :musical_note:

Poker is a greater strategy game than chess

Poker is gay and only old people play it


Don’t you talk to him that way you stupid JERK!

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Its not an unpopular opinion, its just not true.


This one time my older brother asked me and our younger cousins if we wanted to come over and learn how to play poker. I responded with this meme and the group chat went lit I murdered him

Other than my older brother and his group of friends, I do not know a single millennial or zoomer who knows how to play poker. Card games are gay and boring

“What do you meme?” Is really really fun though

I still remember the day my parents tried to teach me euchre. What a stupid stupid useless game lol not to sound like a millennial turd but I really do not understand how anyone can get joy from card games lol