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There are plenty of young people at the casinos I play at.

There is a massive difference between solitaire or go fish and casino no limit Texas hold em.

I don’t like playing outside of casinos or legit card rooms

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For your sake, I hope you’re kidding. I mean I hope you arent insulting poker as “gay” and simultaneously bragging about deploying a douchey unfunny “meme” that made your GROUP CHAT “lit”. I mean, yikes, bro. I’m 38% autistic and even I can identify that as a hallmark for an Olympic level cringemaster.


You keep talking to sr like that and me and him will drag you outside and play a different kind of Cornhole on you.

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Winning a poker tournament is a euphoric feeling

Bear in mind our grandpas played that shit when TVs werent in every household. I like it ok but my attention span sucks so I can never really get super into it.


The meme is hilarious if you know the context of the show. It was a great scene

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Jesus no wonder you think cards are boing, that is the lamest shit of all time


An inside joke inside of an inside joke. Yep. Lit fam!

With my religious upbringing, face cards weren’t allowed in the home. The older I get the sillier it seems. SCARY CARDS!!!

Since it was sinful we naturally took to sneaking them in for some evil fun. God that was a thrill! Felt so alive!! But also the older i get the stupider poker gets.

Poker is gay and i don’t know anyone who’s in shape that plays it.

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While it is fine to debate about politics, seeing millions of people actively root for Joe Biden’s presidency to fail is incredibly disheartening to see.

There’s no policy debate. No substantive discourse. Just “Fuck Joe Biden”. A good 1/3 of the country’s only platform is wanting to see the president fail.

Never seen anything like this in national politics, not even during GWB’s second term.

Fuck Joe Biden


The prior 4yrs had a similar feel from fhe other end though.

I actually want the old pedo to do ok, my wallet is feelin the social justice and it hurts.


Yeah I’m not a Biden supporter but I still don’t want him to fail. It’s like rooting for the plane to crash because you hate the pilot, but we’re all on the same plane.


“Fuck joe biden” doesnt mean we want him to fail. It means we knew he was going to fail and we got told we were racists and bigots and fascists oh my for supporting the guy whose platform was “america first”.

No one, well let me clarify: most right wingers dont want the country to fail. We are just at our collective wits’ end with news like “biden asking saudis for oil and china for solar panels” a year after killing the pipeline and pledging to end fossil fuels in america.


This is a good combination

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Vegito you exhibit so many behaviors I hate, yet I love you.

I am in room #511



Judge Ok GIF by truTV’s Those Who Can’t

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you dont have to do this the sandlot GIF