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They had good voices, could carry a tune imo

The plural for the word “Fetish” should be Fetishii


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I like the 5.4 Triton…it wasn’t designed to win races…it’s a great truck/SUV platform that does its job well…

Fuckin blew a sparkplug with one of those about 100 miles from winnemucca nevada. Fuck that engine lol


Full disclosure I only have experience with a 3V that has the upgraded heads to fix the two-piece spark plug fiasco.

But I’m eyeballing 2010 expedition with the 5.4 and 189k to build for a camping setup.

Spam is awesome!

I HATE Spam.
But it makes a damn good fishing bait.

Tastes great at the hawaiian places.

Spam musubi is disgusting. I can’t stand the seaweed wrap.

Dragon Ball Super sucked.

Goku Black arc is goat’d though

Dragon Ball GIF by TOEI Animation UK

The manga >>>>> the animation

No. That was fucking dumb too. All of DBS was shit except Freezer’s return.

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Spam musubi is amazing. Ate so much of it hawaii

Do you read the manga? Freiza is back with another new form and he one shot KO’d Vegeta and Goku

ha gay GIF


Nope. Refused to watch DBS until recently and won’t read the manga. Not interested.

SSJ 4 > Blue, God, Ego, Instinct.