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Pickup trucks are a work vehicle, not a yuppie mobile. Pickup trucks should have an 8’ bed for hauling work materials. They should have a v8 engine for towing trailers and materials.

People who put a handicapped placard or handicapped license plate on a lifted pickup truck piss me off. If you can climb your ass in and out of a lifted pickup truck, or any pickup truck for that matter, you probably aren’t actually handicapped and have no business having a handicapped license plate. You should only be allowed to have a handicapped license plate if you have a ramp van or a modified vehicle.

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It also tells me that the guy in the big lifted “work truck” is a lazy bastard who is gaming the handicapped tag so he can park closer to the entrance of Walmart

Probably doesnt return his shopping cart either



Adults who devote more than an hour a week to video games or watching/discussing professional wrestling are rationalizing their behavior because they know it is embarrassing.

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Same can be said about any hobby that one does not understand. We are chating on a forum where we spent thousands of hours on.

Thousdands of hours…just think what else we all could have accomplished if we never OGed.


I and plenty of others have the devotee badge on this forum (meaning we have not missed a single day of posting for 365 consecutive days). Think of how many college credits for example I could have gotten. Or how many skills I could have gained.

But im here and so are you.


Aren’t we all kind of losers to a certain degree since we are here on this forum? Obviously I’m a bigger loser than most, but still


Yep. I am guilty of that which I am mocking.

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The term Beer Me! is so fucking stupid. I pretty much already hate anyone that says it.

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Who gives a shit? I do things that are “embarrassing” to others too.

I’m sure you like terrible tv shows. Wrestling is no different aside from the homoeroticism.

I wish I liked video games more.

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Yep. Agreed. This was from another thread and I left out the part that said “i totally understand the rationale/explanation and understand that I’m wrong, BUT…”


Deer (rifle)hunting in Texas is not “manly” or masculine. This pertains to those that hunt from a blind by a feeder. Using a high powered rifle, with high powered optics to shoot a vegetarian non-predator animal from a concealed location overlooking a bait machine that spews corn on timed intervals is just kinda lame.


True, but it’s more work than just buying meat from the grocery store.
At least you’d still have to gut and carry a deer.

But yeah, overlooking a feed pile is just lazy.

Stir fry is fucking gross.

Personally, if I don’t kill anything with my bare hands I don’t count it.


Its also not a “sport” if the other player doesnt know theyre playing