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I do this because it saves me money from not going out and it keeps me away from legacy media and garbage woke entertainment.

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you attained more knowledge here than you would have anywhere else.

change my mind!?!


Ray Leonard hit as hard as (or harder than) Hearns.

Travis Kelce is the best TE of all time


At least Bork Lestern hunts like a man!

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Yeah none of you turds would say that to Lesnar’s face lol guaranteed

People who complain about Hunters using guns are just as feminine as Michael Moore


If he hunts overlooking a feeder from a blind of course I would. Those arent exactly fighting words. Not even sure its legal to do so where he hunts. It is legal in Tx, thats why so many do it. And almost all land is privately owned so its kind of a necessity.

Yeah I’m a hunter but that would take all the fun out of it for me. The “hunt” is the best part. I would get zero satisfaction shooting a deer from a blind while hes eating a bunch of corn I put in front of me.

I much more enjoy trekking through the mountains in search of them.


It’s just struck me how much Michael Moore resembles an obese Bill Gates.

I’m trying to decide which one I would rather shoot in the back but it’s too close to pick a winner.


“Hunting” like this is illegal in most states, unless its Bear i think

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Sriracha is a far superior condiment than gochujang.

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Cut it out man.


Dont eat the pile of donuts in the woods, its a trap!

Hunting from a blind by a feeder is a good way to kill time while waiting for meat to fill up your freezer. It’s marginally harder than driving to the grocery store but nobody is calling you a pussy for buying it there. My bro in law has a blind on his land, he’s pretty much retired himself to it and just takes my nieces out usually. He goes up to CO to hike the mountains for elk which is actually tough to do. Blinds are hunting light yeah but it’s free meat and deer are thick as fuck around here and need thinning anyway. Y’all sound like jinx and his coyote love.

I dont think there is anything inherently wrong with it, just not for me. I don’t have a problem with other people doing it.

Lol maybe in your town. I take a lawnchair to the meat section of my local store twice a week.

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@Nick_Diaz_Army okay bro, sell me on visiting Detroit. last time I was there was in 2004 for Van Halen.

might be going to Metallica there next summer.

unpopular opinion: I might visit detroit on purpose for vacation and am possibly looking forward to it LOL.

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