What strateigies do you use/ incorporate while rolling?

There are quite a few of them............... A lot depends on the situation, the rules, who you are sparring with, your strengths and weaknesses, THEIR strengths and weaknesses, what you know about them beforehand (if possible).

There are a variety of strategies and tactics for each major position, both offensively and defensively.  Do you have something more specific in mind?


I just try to learn from each sparring session. That's my strategy. Not to win, but learn. I'm trying things out, both defensively and offensively and seeing what happens against a variety of sparring partners. Then I go home to think about it and try to learn from it. I think about what went wrong (and how to fix it) AND what went right (and how to keep doing it).

For example, last night I learned that when you do the half guard pass in which you put your instep on your opponent's thigh to help you slide your other leg free, it gives you better leverage to a) curl your toes and foot upwards to create a half a centimeter wide opening and b) get EVERY single one of your toes in that hole you're trying to create.

Last night, I wasn't quite passing my opponent's half guard because my two smallest toes weren't quite on his thigh. I subsequently put them in and that made the difference - TWO TOES! At this point I have to go Magic Johnson on you and say that I love this game!

As far as answering your question (because I don't think the above was what you were looking for), I also try to be one step ahead of my opponent and use combinations in attack and defence, switching to a different technique when I feel I'm beginning to force something. I'm not very strong, but my sparring partners are, so I really have to get good at this. And so far I'm getting better and better. I couldn't ask for more.

Good luck, boy! May the armbar be with you.

I know that I roll differently depending on who I'm with. I have the benifit of having a huge range of partners. from 100lbs-270lbs.

I'm a tall lanky guy,195lbs, and as such have developed a good guard.

I play games to challenge myself ie... wrestling without using my arms etc...

I was just looking for general all around strategies. Nothing I have now has a name, or a easy way of descibing it.

HOw about Grip Strategies???

I've heard of this somewhere, but just the title itself

I'm talking about more specific stratigies. Off angles,

Broken rythym,

Stop and Go,

Attack by Combination,

Attack by Draw,

Block and Counter,

Probe Step,


I have a bunch from striking and some translate well into BJJ, I'm just wondering if there's any I'm not aware of.