Statement from the UFC's lawyer in NY

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Posted Friday 8th March 2013 from Twitlonger


Statement from the UFC's lawyer in NY:

"The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is greatly disappointed that the settlement conference scheduled today before the Federal Court has been cancelled because the New York Attorney General is no longer willing to discuss a settlement consistent with the position his Office has repeatedly taken in Court.

"The Attorney General has once again changed his position on the meaning of the MMA ban in New York and we will vigorously urge the Federal Court to decide that the ban is unconstitutional."

It's all about the Assembly vote.

Wtfffff Phone Post

Although it doesn't seem as if it worked out -- This option was just to expedite getting into NY...At least there is still hope if the Assembly passes the Bill - but that could take until June.

If you have a twitter account, tell New York States Attorney General how you feel. He still has the ability to re-schedule their originally planned meeting with The UFC.


Anyone who wasn't expecting this is a gullible fool. New York and MMA are like Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football.

This just in Charlie ... she's going to move the football. She's ALWAYS going to move the football. Quit fooling yourself into believing this is the time she won't move it.

The only way Charlie is going to get to kick that football is by kicking Lucy's ass first.