Staten Island vigilant kills molester

It probably won’t be hard to track down who did it…

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Victim had extensive criminal history, but nothing involving sexual assault or anything with a minor. Is it possible it was a drug debt that the killer wanted to mislabel to avoid suspicion directed at him?

I mean, don’t get me wrong… some dad has his little girl fucked with and he kills him, well… good bye kiddy diddler you stupid bastard.

Writing that on the guy’s chest will just lead to incarceration for some dad or brother or whoever lost their shit. Thee was likely drama before hand and the neighbors will be like, “Yeah, he founded that guy Mark’s little girl” or “he was running around with a 16 year old and the dad was pissed!”

It is like leaving a signature.

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“I ain’t seen nuthin’ offica”

as long as he was 100% guilty of touching kids, i am all for his murder