Stay right, pass left

I realize that people are really fucking stupid but for the love of god why is this very simple concept so difficult for so many people to adhere to. I’m not even talking about people who stay in the left lane and pass the flow of traffic but barely go over the speed limit and ignore clear signs from the car behind them that they want/need to go faster. They are bad enough but what I’m talking about is the person who will literally hold up traffic by driving side by side with the right lane or even at a slower pace than them when they don’t have to. So fucking annoying.


The worst people.




justifiable homicide


It’s a very simple concept and very simple in practice.

Those who drive slow in the fast lane should be purged.


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LMAO that is great

come to Vancouver and drive with Chinese and India drivers where this concept doesn’t exist



It’s the law in most states. My BIL got cited for it once. It was an anti-road rage law.

However, it only applies to roads of a certain speed limit usually (in CO it’s 65+) and only when traffic permits. You can slow the fuck down in town, son.

Do you even Australia bro


That was great

Many native Pennsylvanians are guilty of this. It’s as if there’s a regulation in PA driver training that specifies driving alongside the yellow median line at all times.

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That must be an old video. NJ State Police haven’t used Crown Vics in a long time. And, at least for the last few years, many departments have dash cams tied to the lights in patrol vehicles, meaning all use of lights are subject to potential review.

Yep, I live in PA. This shit happens all of the time but tonight I was on my way somewhere on the highway, 55 mp speed limit. There was a car in the left lane going 60 and basically driving side by side with a car in the right lane for a few miles. There were barely any cars out on the road and the dummy could have easily gotten over at any point by speeding up just a little bit. Fucking annoyed me to no end and inspired this thread.

They aren’t people.


I want out of PA badly. Hopefully in a few years. Want to get away from all of the scum drivers in this whole part of the country.

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I am pretty sure Crown Vics were stopped being made in 2011 with the other Panther body vehicles.

Yeah, that platform is a reliable workhorse, but the State Police pivoted to the Chevys and now seem to use mostly Tahoes and Explorers for patrol. They used to park retired Crown Vics along the Parkway as decoys. It has to be at least 10 years since I’ve seen a marked trooper Vic.

Side by side drivers are the stupidest people on earth. Put some god damn distance between yourself and the things that will easily fucking kill you.