Staying on top of my feet!!

I been having alot of problems boxing against dudes outside of a ring that back away alot. It makes me overextend and thus i cant combo my punches. I know how to shuffle step but they are usually to far backed up by my second punch.

Any tips guyz? Its really frustrating!!!

ttt thanx bro!!

The problem is although i shuffle, i have basically already set myself when they rapidly retreat or they repeat after i land my first or second jab which ends up being mid combo....

Obviously in a ring they wouldnt be able to retreat much or in most street confrontations....but still...

I have worked alot on ring generalship and cutting it off but its usually when its not in the ring.

Do you guys believe in shuffling or "bouncing" (ala skipping rope style moving with rythm?)

I fight like a wrestler in a crouch....



It does and it is MUCh appreciated bro, u got no idea how much i appreciate it.

Now on to the Q's :)

I'm a bit confused on the continual forward moving, i've experimented with stepping but it feels wrong (and is a boxing no no!!!) I have had problems with angling in my footwork to. I am a bit confused, do u step after the jab or step slightly to the left with the jab if ure gonna throw a right? I was taught stepping to the left slightly WITh the jab.

Also things like jabbing double, while stepping to the left or right (and follwing with a right cross or right body punch left hook combo) i have been taught them but whenevr i question my coach he says just box and it'll come to u...i agree with this but still dont understand lol :)

I was taught to pretend my left hand and foot were connected by a string. When the foot goes out to step the jab goes with it, as the jab comes to the face the right foot slides up to recover the original foot position. Personally I never step to the left when jabbing early in a fight /sparring. This is because you need to know what a guy can do before you step towards his power side (i assume you mean step to your left when you say step left).

There is a very simple drill you can do to get used to moving and throwing punches. It is called a box drill. Anytime you want to step in a direction you use the foot furthest in that direction to lead the step. Meaning in a conventional; stance forward starts with left foot, back starts with right, etc.
To start step in the desirted direction, as the foot making the step moves the jab snaps out, as the jab recovers to your face slide the non stepping foot up (or back, or to the side, etc.)
Best way to work this is 4 steps forward, 4 steps to the left, 4 back , and 4 steps to the right, thus "painting" a box on the floor. Increase the pace as you get better and eventually throw 2-3 punches after the jab/foot recovery. My advice is doing at least 100 complete boxes at least once a week for a while. This will make a HUGE difference sparring and make moving and punching effortless.


thanx bro, great advice.

My footwork is fine when not punching, but its when i'm punching in my recovery i have problems, that drill should help.


Remember, you should recover feet before combinations. Also in the box, step-jab together, now your feet are 6 inches to a foot farther apart than before the step. As you slide right foot up to recover bring jab back to face and throw right cross. The timing should be just as your right foot is back into "ready position" you throw the cross and pivot on the toes.

The biggest problem folks have with advancing and punching is that they try to throw a cross before recovering the back foot. This gives a little more power, but ALOT less mobility or stability. Remember with the box while you are throwing combinations you want to feel balanced and as if you could break off to retreat or change facing at any moment with a minimum of "stumbling".

Good Luck, this stuff I put here is more for kickboxing, I never want to get caught with a wide stance, whereas boxers can use head movement in a wide stance, head movement wont save my thigh from an opponents shin.

edited for rough spelling while fast typing (something I dont do well).