Steady state cardio and modern HIIT both suck

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Ok…now that was funny. Legit lol

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I’m 60 and exercise in the evening for 45 min to an hour. Exercise consists of circuit of KB swings, inmate type burpees, pull-ups, and basic calisthenics. Im wrecked afterwards and still wore out the next morning. My goal is general health and fitness as I get older.

Am I doing something wrong, maybe overdoing it? I feel good otherwise.

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@Wiggy wow, tons of great info, greatly appreciate the thorough response. Yeah I normally do 3-5 near-max effort rows and give myself about 3 minutes to recover in between. Same for assault bike workouts.

Regarding your rucking, what weight is your pack and how far/how long are they, typically?

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@fathalpert more than welcome, man - hope it helped.
re the rucking - I haven’t done it in a while. I had a 40lbs vest that I would wear. How much you use is honestly going to depend on how you’re carrying it. A 40lbs el cheapo weight vest will feel different than a 40lbs quality weight vest will feel different than throwing four, 10lbs plates in a regular backpack will feel different than say an entire military-style or braced ruck.
(It’s really surprising how different they can feel. lol)
Then obviously the terrain & such will make a difference. Going for a walk through your neighborhood will be different than say walking through the woods.
Personally, I wouldn’t overcomplicate it. Try to get 5k steps a day most days (total steps throughout the day). Then when that’s no big deal, increase it by 500-1k/day until you’re at a consistent 8-10k a day. Then if you can ruck a couple-few thousand of those, then all the better.
I look at the steps being the primary concern, then the rucking element as an “add on”…if that makes sense.


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^so what did I post which was unreasonable and/or unrelated to thread topic?

I have been a PIONEER in advocating what OP has smartly stated

Literally none of these guru’s actually know what they’re talking about. It’s all 100% anecdotal with some observance of studies.

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Or 30 years of trial and error.^^^

Well, we don’t have good theories in so far that we cannot really predict anything in training. Speaking abstractly, it’s about fine tuning a biological unit with an enormous amounts of inputs and feedback loops.
The broad stuff we can do, but empiricism beats everything so far.

For example: itt someone mentioned the technique popularised in the west by Pavel Tsatsouline called “greasing the groove”. Now many experts and yours truly would absolutely deny the validity of GTG. Others swear on it.
So, as always, you have to try it out and see if it works for you.

The problem with modern exercise is the same problem with the sun. The sun doesn’t burn you, your eyeballs or cause cancer when you get full spectrum of exposure of it often. Farmers weren’t dying of skin cancer. It’s the modem work schedule where you’re inside 99% of the weekday then go to the beach Saturday at noon. Same with exercise. Work office all day, murder yourself at crossfit, go Netflix and chill for rest of night .

Well, because these troll accounts are the mods.

It’s been proven that long distance runners have heart damage.

It’s not as much about running itself as it is keeping the heart rate above zone 3 or so for that long . Plus add in Spiked cortisol Levels, their lack of muscle(skinny fat), and usually abhorrent diets. You don’t wanna fuck around in that medium hard heart zone for extended periods

Probably why soccer players are fit as fuck, Slow jogging then explosive bursts

Was it a fat doctor? Epidemiological data is among the worst sets. Certainly everything above marathon is unhealthy. But 2 miles+ is already considered long distance. It’s inconceivable to me that running 2 miles thrice a week would be unhealthier than sitting in front of a laptop/smartphone.

It’s still am opinion. There was no control. No organized documentation.

Now you’re just talking out of your ass. Zero evidence that is true.

Safe zone is about 20 miles and under a week

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No, soccer players are fucking pussies. How do you know if they’re “fit af” if all they do is play fag ball and flop around like pussies?