Steel hanging bag system? help.

Guys, i'm in the process of moving my MMA gym, and am having trouble figuring out how to hang my 6 bags. Do you guys have any suggestions? Can a welder, weld steel together to make a nice station?? Where would i go to find out how to do this? Any Web Sites, other gyms, ect.. i can check out to get ideas? Thanks. Happy New Year. Jason

Go to a welder or a machine shop.  The shop I used to work at dealt with square and round tubing all the time, and could easily have made a custom station.  I'm sure there's a shop in your area who could probably do it as well.

When he weilds them together make sure he leaves enough room around them for people to use them all together. Nothing worse than heavybags too close together.

You can get them ready made.

Check out Balazs and Ringside.

Ringside has the Complete Bag Stand and Balazs make there own version.

I got one for Christmas that's made by Everlast. I really like it, but the bag is close to the framework.

Century has one called Cornerman (I think that's the name) that would make a great model for a welder. It puts the bag out farther from the aparatus which is probably a lot safer.

what is the structure above? wood truss/wood joist?steel truss and or steel joist?

it's likely they could be hung off any of the above if the floor to ceiling height isn't too extreme and if the configuration suits you.

have your metal fabricator take a look and see if he can attach to the above deck.

can you post a pic? chances are you could do this yourself,you just need to be assured of your fastening points.